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Kodely helps students take their technical skills beyond what they've learned in a classroom setting and apply them to the real world, helping them develop their skills around social-emotional learning. Kodely's the first design thinking enrichment program for PreK–8th grade. Our learning model is based on principles taught at Stanford, IDEO, and used at companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

Our Approach

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Learn real-life skills, develop empathy, and learn through projects. Start building a portfolio! At the end of the season, learners organize an Expo to showcase their creations, after which they'll receive a certificate of completion.

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Develop the creative confidence to respond to new challenges in a growth mindset environment and show students that failure is a natural part of the creative process.

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Develop strong tech literacy fundamentals and learn to prototype with software and hardware.

Hear what parents and schools are saying about Kodely

Libby Jones
Kodely Parent

My daughter is just loving her Kodely class. She’s 7 years old, and she’s even able to apply her interest in piano to the projects in class. I’m also quite impressed with the organization and structure of her Kodely workshop as her Kodely Leader sends email updates weekly of what my daughter is learning. I highly recommend this course. Thanks Kodely!

Lily Ross
Cathedral School for Boys

We are so lucky that Kodely is now a part of our school community. The Kodely leaders are professional, responsive, and invested in the well-being of our students and the effectiveness of their program. Our students adore Kodely workshops, and parents love how their learners are picking up on real-world skills and exploring key concepts such as tech literacy and design Thinking.

This workshop is perfect for opening up your child’s creativity! Students create their own stories and characters and learn how to test and build their own games (board games, card games, etc.)! Students learn the importance of asking questions, role playing, prototyping, and most importantly, to build a game from concept to final product!
This workshop is a great first step for your child to challenge themselves and learn how to problem solve with Minecraft! Students build proficiency exploring algorithms and working with command blocks using Minecraft MakeCode to solve weekly design challenges such as building a house!
Students get to collaborate in a team setting and come up with a concept for a startup they want to design! Using tools like Figma, students start by designing and putting together a plan for their idea. Once students design their wireframes, they work with MIT App Inventor or a website builder tool to design their products. Students learn to think outside the box and develop a broad range of various skill sets like technical skills, leadership and creative thinking!
In this workshop, your child will have fun but also learn how to develop their computational thinking skills, which is how they learn to break down problems and solve them! Students work with Minecraft MakeCode, and go from building their own bedroom design to treehouse to solve different design challenges we give them in class.
Students work with apps on a daily basis, but how do they get introduced to creating their own? It’s so important that children learn to become creators and not just consumers of technology. Through this workshop, students explore the process for designing and planning their own apps then developing it out using MIT App Inventor. Regardless of the future career your child plans to go into, the app building process requires creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving — all fundamental to success any path they choose to take on.

Our Partners

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Facilitate enrichment experiences for students that strive to help them make real connections between themselves and others in their community, so that they can design real solutions to real-world problems. Kodely partners with schools and offers programs that generate new revenue, excite students, and make parents happy!

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Kodely partners with districts to provide high-quality, safe, and supervised after-school programs for students in TK-8th grade. Our programs operate with the requirements of California’s ELO (Expanded Learning Opportunities) Program and Kodely creates Expanded Learning Plans with your district.

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Interested in teaching and leading your own course? We believe that teaching your own course is an incredible professional development opportunity for any student. Whether you're planning to study law, practice medicine, work as an engineer, become a counselor, or enter the world of business, teaching your own Kodely course gives you the skills necessary to succeed in your field.

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Girl Scouts

Easily navigate Girl Scout badges through Kodely’s customized badge and journey workshops that help your troop and scouts accomplish their desired goal to achieve their badges. We offer a wide variety of Girl Scout workshops for your group. Coding for Good (Badges 1,2,3) Robotics (Badges 1,2) Think Like a Programmer Journey

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Kodely is aligned with the following SEL Guiding Principles

At Kodely, SEL (Social Emotional Learning) is infused in everything we do. Our Kodely Leaders are ready to help kids cope, grow, and flourish — now more than ever. In order to address the social-emotional learning (SEL) needs of our students, our curriculum team embeds SEL best practice examples into the curriculum guides for all our Kodely Leaders.

Our team empowers students by encouraging student voice and choice and providing multiple opportunities for leadership, problem solving, and decision-making to promote student agency.
Through Kodely, all students have opportunities to build SEL skills and receive an educational experience that is personalized, culturally relevant and responsive.
Kodely focuses on incorporating new resources and skills for the school community, including expanded learning opportunities, early learning and care programs, and family and community partnerships, to advance SEL and student well-being.
Kodely focuses on continuous improvement with our partnerships and we enhance the quality of student social and emotional learning opportunities. We track feedback and we use data to inform improvement of our Kodely workshops.
Build the capacity of both students and adults through an intentional focus on relationship-centered learning environments and by offering research-based learning experiences that cultivate core social and emotional competencies.

Our Story

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Sri’s Story:

I grew up in a household with two software engineers and, as a result, ended up going to coding classes early on in life. Sure, I was learning the syntax for languages like Python at the elementary school level, but I would always ask myself, what’s the point of this? And trust an 8-year-old, it doesn’t help to have your teacher introduce a statement like this: float(Data types example: int=9, float = 9.1) and expect you to understand what’s going on. Trying to write code without context is like try to paint a house before the walls are built.

I was missing an understanding of how what I was learning would translate into other parts of my life. Instead of looking for one particular technology or programming language kids should master, I realized that we should focus on helping students see a path forward through any situation in school, at home, and in the future workplace-that’s, how Kodely was born!

Vara’s Story:

As a parent of two curious children, I was constantly relearning how to approach problem solving to make it easy for my children to understand. Early on, I emphasized the importance of contextual thinking and communicating how you arrived at a solution.

When Sri started exploring the idea of launching Kodely, combined with my 20+ years of Software Engineering, Leadership, and Parenting experience, we decided to partner together. All our effort around reinforcing problem-solving and creative thinking has led Sri to choose a career path that she truly enjoys. I’m happy to share the learning approach that helped my kids realize their dream careers at an early age.

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Join Kodely and you’ll be part of a team that plays an important role in creating experiences for the next generation of innovators! Kodely’s mission defines our team values and we make sure that every person on our team can develop from ongoing professional development, training and leadership, and feedback.

You can do it with Kodely.